Custom Foot Orthoses

We believe that Custom Foot Orthoses can be one of the most effective treatments in Musculoskeletal Podiatry. Foot Orthoses are specialised in-shoe devices prescribed to your specific injury, foot type, sports & activities and more.

Our Specialist Team have 30 years of experience of prescribing Custom Foot Orthoses for the general public, professional athletes & Military Personnel.

The Foot Orthoses we prescribe at Northernhay Clinic are fully custom made and tailored to your individual foot structure. 3DFootprint scanning and printing technology allows us to capture a truly Custom Orthotic shape that is prescribed with your foot type and painful symptoms in mind. Our goal is to get you back to the activities you love and keep you moving sustainably.

Custom Fit – Our TechMed3D scans allow us to capture true custom shapes and reflect the precise structure of your feet in your Foot Orthoses.

Durable – PA12 nylon is often used in Robotics & Protheses. Our PA12 Custom Foot Orthoses have a high impact resistance while offering a smooth and comfortable ride underfoot. We endeavour to make our Custom Foot Orthoses durable, versatile and comfortable for you to use for a range of activities.

Sustainable – 3D printed Medical Grade Nylon PA12 is a recyclable material that is ideal for the production of Foot Orthoses. It is strong and functions well at both high and low temperatures. PA12 mechanical properties are ideally suited to withstand the repetitive stresses that your Foot Orthoses are subjected to on a daily basis. All our 3DFootprint Orthoses are printed in the UK. The production process of 3DFootprint Products is energy efficient and aligns with our environmental values.

Custom Foot Orthoses can help manage

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