Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is a fundamental part of managing Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb pain. Whether it is strength or mobility work, the main aim of Exercise Therapy is to increase the capacity of your painful tissues and those around them – allowing them to handle load more effectively without becoming painful.

Types of Exercise Therapy treatment

Most of our patients will be prescribed some form of exercise in their treatment plan. Our Team will guide you through the exercise aims and how to perform them in clinic, and also use videos and instructional documents to help you stay on track with your exercise prescription.

Stretching & Mobility

Stretching can be a vital part of your treatment program. This may be to increase the range of movement around a joint or to alleviate painful symptoms associated with certain injuries.


Strength work is often vital to Lower Limb rehabilitation. Our Podiatrists will test your strength in an in-depth Biomechanical Assessment. We will then custom design and prescribe a strength program for you. This is to increase the capacity of certain tissues and allow tendons and muscles to become stronger and more resilient. We often say in clinic ‘You can’t go wrong getting strong’. Essentially, if your tissues are strong and supple they will be able to handle more load before becoming painful and you will be a little less likely to develop injuries in the future.

Movement is Medicine

The Northernhay Clinic Team use Exercise Therapy in the management of a huge range of health conditions. The benefits of movement and exercise are endless. ‘Resting’ injuries is a little outdated. Sometimes rest may be needed and can be an important part of recovery, but we like to advise modification of activities instead of pure rest to keep you moving and reaping the benefits of exercise.

Exercise Therapy can help manage

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