Foot & Ankle Arthritis

Arthritic joint change can affect the joints within our Foot & Ankle just as it can affect other joints in our body. Arthritic pain can be challenging and can feel disabling for patients at times. Below we have highlighted some of the most common types of Foot & Ankle arthritis that we see in our clinics.

Common causes

There are wide variety of causes for Arthritic Joint change in the Foot & Ankle. Some of the most common are listed below:

  • Biomechanical Issues
  • Rheumatoid / Inflammatory disease or some Infections
  • Trauma & Previous Injury / Overuse
  • Longstanding bunion deformity (at Big Toe joints)
  • Insufficiency fractures (sometimes the catalyst for mid foot arthritis formation)
  • High bodyweight / Obesity / High BMI
  • Genetics

No matter the cause, we are here to try and help manage our patients arthritic joint pain. We can give you help and advice around treatments and management strategies to help you keep using your joints sustainably and with less pain.

Movement is Medicine!

Common symptoms

  • Pain and stiffness in the morning
  • Pain that may ease off with activity but becomes worse with prolonged weight-bearing
  • Swelling / inflammation of joints
  • Reduced movement in the joints and foot or ankle
  • Change in foot shape (deformity / thickening of joints)
  • Pain that is worse in cold, damp weather
  • Limitations on walking and sports activities

We generally see Foot & Ankle Arthritis in the following areas:

The Forefoot

Most common in the Big Toe Joint but can affect the lesser toe joints too.

Mid-Foot Joints

Mid-foot arthritis is a challenging problem that can cause chronic, sometimes disabling, foot pain that can impede daily activities such as walking.

The Ankle

Ankle Arthritis is common in people who have played a lot of impact / jumping sports or had repetitive ankle injuries over the years.

Foot & Ankle Arthritis Treatments & Services

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