Gait Analysis

At Northernhay Clinic we use Computer Gait Analysis to gain further understanding of the way you move. It allows us to observe your Lower Limb function a little more closely using Video and Data as a tool to help you understand the way you move. Sometimes our movement patterns can contribute to our painful symptoms, perhaps preventing them from settling as they should. Moving in a different way or ‘compensating’ due to Lower Limb Pain can contribute to the development of pain in other areas.

Our OptoGait software is designed to help our patients understand the way they move. Our Team have always believed that the more you understand about your body and your pain, the more likely you will be to take part in an active rehabilitation.

Knowledge is the key to success and understanding is the map to show the way. OptoGait Analysis is a tool to boost your understanding and to give our Podiatrists some objective data to help them tailor treatments for you.

What you need to know about Gait Analysis

Understand your own Physicality

Our Team can use our OptoGait data to help you better understand the way you move.

Education & Advice

Our OptoGait software allows our team to give you educational advice on Footwear, Activities, Foot Orthotic use and much more. Gait Analysis is not a tool to tell you that you are ‘walking wrong’. Everybody moves differently – there are no correct movement patterns.

Gait Screening

You don’t have to be injured to have a Gait Analysis. Perhaps you are a runner looking to improve a PB. Our OptoGait System can help us give you the right advice to improve your running form.

Gait Analysis can help manage

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