Back & Hip Pain

The Back, Hips & Pelvis function together with your Feet & Ankles. If you are having Back or Hip pain, a Podiatry Consultation & Biomechanical Assessment might be indicated.

Back Pain

Back Pain is the most common Musculoskeletal complaint at GP surgeries. The spine and general posture can be interlinked with Foot & Lower Limb function.

Lower Back Pain is often caused by Lower Limb or Foot dysfunction such as poor shock absorption at the heel strikes the ground, triggering pain travelling up into your pelvis and spine. Differences in leg length can also often cause Back Pain.

Hip Pain

The Hip is a ball and socket joint that fits into your pelvis. This can be a common area of ‘Wear & Repair' in the body. Most people will experience some Hip Pain throughout the course of their life whether it is joint, bone or soft tissue related.

Causes of Hip Pain are many and varied. One common cause is leg length in-equalities (one leg longer than the other) which can lead to one hip bearing more weight as we walk and run. A combination of pain history, Biomechanical Examination and OptoGait™ Analysis can help our Podiatrists identify the cause of your Hip Pain symptoms.

Illustration of hip & back pain

Common causes of Back & Hip Pain

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