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The knee joint works in conjunction with the foot and ankle to allow the normal functions of shock absorption and push off during walking and running.

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If the foot is over pronated (flat) or under pronated (high arched and often rigid) then the knee function will be also affected. We commonly treat front of knee pain in runners (Chondromalacia or 'runners knee') which is often associated with flat feet. If you are having ongoing knee pain a Podiatry assessment can hightlight foot imbalance that may be causing or contributing to your pain.

Foot and Ankle


The knee will often compensate for poor foot function and become over worked or over used. This can lead to knee pain. Knee pain will often start during sports activities or going up and down stairs.

Custom Foot Orthotics


Custom foot orthotics can improve the foot balance and reduce movements that lead to poor knee function. Often your knee problem is due to too much rotation in the legs and foot orthotics can control and improve such symptoms.

Computer Gait Analysis


Computer gait analysis will be offered to patients to identify abnormal movements that could be causing knee pain.

Sports Footwear


Any assessment of knee pain would not be complete without examining every day footwear and sports footwear and it's suitability for your foot type.

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