Knee Pain

Knee Pain is very common in our Podiatry Clinics so our specialists can advise you on the best treatments for knee pain. There are a wide variety of factors that cause Knee Pain and it can affect children, adults and elderly people in different ways. Our Team have experience treating Knee Pain in Military personnel, professional athletes and the civilian population.

There are a variety of treatments for knee pain available. Click below to talk to our team.

Knee Pain can be caused damage to a variety of anatomical structures such as tendon, ligament, cartilage, bone & many more. Our Team aim to identify the structure causing the pain and give you the tools to manage this.

If you are having ongoing knee pain our Biomechanical assessment can hightlight the factors that may be causing your pain. Once we know the cause, we can decide together on the best treatments for knee pain.

The knee joint works in conjunction with the foot and ankle to allow the normal functions of shock absorption and push off during walking and running.

The knee will often compensate for poor foot function and become over-worked or over-used. This can lead to knee pain. Knee pain will often start during sports activities or going up and down stairs.

Treatments for Knee Pain

Custom Foot Orthoses

 Custom Foot Orthoses can moderate forces and reduce movements that lead to poor knee function. Often Knee Pain is associated with too much (or too little) rotation in the legs and Foot Orthoses can help to remedy this by manipulating force & function.

Shockwave Therapy

Radial Shockwave Therapy is appropriate for certain types of Knee Pain such as Patellar Tendinopathy (Runner’s Knee) or Knee Osteoarthritis. Often Shockwave Therapy will work well in combination with mechanical therapies such as Foot Orthoses.

Footwear Advice

Any assessment of Knee Pain would not be complete without examining your every day footwear & sports footwear and it’s suitability for your foot type. Footwear will often form a crucial part of our treatment plans when dealing with Knee Pain.

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