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Footwear advice is one of the pillars of managing Foot & Ankle pain. Appropriate footwear can make the difference between comfort and discomfort, painful symptoms and no symptoms. Finding the right Footwear can be challenging. Our Podiatrists always endeavour to give you the tools to help you find the right footwear for your function and specific symptoms to keep you comfortable for the long run.

Foundations first. Part of our examination includes assessing what footwear a patient uses. We always ask our patients to bring examples of their footwear with them to Consultations. This allows us to examine the footwear a little more closely, checking wear patterns and establishing footwear habits. Making small changes to footwear can make big changes to your Foot & Ankle symptoms.

Fit for Purpose. It is essential that your Footwear is appropriate for the activities it is used for. Our Podiatrists can give you guidance on Footwear that is tailored to you and your chosen activities.

If you are unsure about what footwear is right for you or feel that certain Footwear is aggravating your Foot pain please book a Consultation with our Team today.

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