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Movement is Medicine

Medical Director: Jonathan Palmer BSc (Pod) FFPM RCPS (Glasg). FCPM

Consultant Musculoskeletal Podiatrist


Our team of Podiatrists in Exeter treat sports, overuse or age related injuries and monitor patients progress with state of the art technology. We have over 25 years experience treating Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain.

Two decades of service to HM Royal Marines Training Centre make us one of the most experienced teams in the UK.

Top athletes, sports enthusiasts and military personnel value our outstanding record of injury prevention and treatment.

Whether your problem is simple or complex we are here and ready to help.

Foot, Ankle & Gait Experts in Exeter

Our Team of MSK Podiatrists specialise in Foot, Ankle & Leg injuries. We see a range of patients at our Exeter Podiatry Clinic, from children to seniors and first time runners to elite athletes.

We use a range of treatments to get you back on your feet doing the actvities that you love. If you have Foot, Ankle or Gait related pain or problems click on this module or fill out a Contact Form to talk to a Specialist.


Experienced Podiatry Team

Our Medical Director Mr Jonathan Palmer is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and has provided MSK Podiatry service to HM Royal Marines & Special Forces for over 20 years.


Custom Foot Orthoses

Our expert team specialise in the prescription and design of Custom Made Foot Orthoses. We have successfully prescribed Custom Orthoses to thousands of patients. Our aim is to keep you moving today and in the future.


Movement is Medicine

Keeping you moving means keeping you healthy. All our treatments are designed to optimise the way you move. Our Exeter based Podiatry team can keep you moving. 



3D printing allows us to design Custom Orthoses with true close contact fit. Minimal carbon footprint makes our signature programme the future of sustainable Foot Orthotic therapy.


Gait Analysis

Video Gait Analysis helps us show you how a movement pattern might be contributing to your pain. Computer Gait Analysis supports our assessment on how you can improve your walking / running form.


Under 16 - 3DFootprint

Our new 3DFootprint programme has made updating Custom Foot Orthoses for growing children more accessible. We can now offer more affordable Podo-Paediatric solutions for childen and young adults under 16.

Our Services

At Northernhay Clinic in Exeter, we provide a wide range of treatments for Lower Limb Pain. During your Consultation our Podiatry team will advise you on which treatment might suit you best. Whether it is Custom Foot Orthoses, Load Management, Shockwave Therapy or Exercise Therapy, we will help you find a suitable method to ease your pain.

Custom Foot Orthoses

The Foot Orthoses we prescribe at Northernhay Clinic are fully custom made and tailored to our patient’s feet. 3D scanning and printing technology allows us to capture a truly custom, close contact Orthotic shape.

Shockwave Therapy

Radial Shockwave Therapy is a highly effective & non-invasive treatment for a range of tendon and soft tissue injuries. Reducing pain and restoring function, it is often used as part of a fast acting treatment plan.

Exercise Therapy

Targeted exercise, strength and mobility work often form a key part of our treatment programmes. Our Podiatrists will use exercise as a part of your treatment plan to reduce your pain and keep you moving.

Footwear Advice

Finding the right footwear can be a real challenge. When you have foot pain, this can prove even harder. Footwear choices are often crucial in the management of foot pain. Our team will work with you to find the footwear that works for you.

Gait Analysis

Video Gait Analysis helps us to assess, plan, and treat you when your condition affects the ability to walk or run. It also helps athletes to run and move more efficiently by identifying movement-related patterns and deficiencies.


Through school and play, children can put a lot of stress and strain through their feet. Many parents are concerned about their childen’s flat feet or the way they walk. Our Podiatrists can provide treatments for your child’s foot pain.

"With help from my orthotic insoles I am able to train to the highest standard..."

“My Name is Ed Scott and I’m a professional parkour athlete. With help from my orthotic insoles I am able train to the highest standard, competing in events and competitions all around the world. I have previously won the biggest competition in the US, the biggest competition in the UK four times and have competed in the biggest competition in the world twice, finishing second in 2019. Having these specifically designed orthotic insoles allows me to have the correct support, padding and dexterity to train and take impact knowing my feet are in the optimal position to do so. Before I trained with the orthotics I was having pain in the joint in by big toes due to an injury in a competition, this put me out for competing for 2 months whilst I recovered. During this time I got recommended by a friend to visit 3DFootPrint at Northernhay Clinic to see if they would be able to help. After visiting I was fitted with custom orthotic insoles and I was able to train again. Since then I haven’t had any pain return in my joint and am able to train freely”.

Ed – September 2020

"Positive but realistic..."

“I’ve visited a lot of podiatrists and physiotherapists etc. over the years and this was the best. I really felt as if I was listened to and they actually wanted to understand my history and what I hoped to get out of seeing them. Their advice was positive but realistic and they were very friendly. A couple of months on from getting my insoles, my ankle pain has improved a lot. Being able to get in touch and ask for advice whenever I need is also a great help”

Chloe – February 2020

"Used experience of Military patients..."

“I saw Mr Palmer and team last year with lower limb pain that I had had for several years. Mr Palmer used his experiences with his Military patients and diagnosed that I probably had a compartment syndrome. I have had the results today and it is confirmed. I remember Mr Palmer appeared on a TV show in the past with the Royal Marines and the recruit had the very same problem.

Thanks to Mr Palmer and the team, I can now get further referrals and the advices given to me by Northernhay have helped me so much.”

Wilhem – April 2019

"Thorough assessment of Gait and Posture..."

“I initially went to see Jonathan four years ago because of heel pain . After a thorough and professional assessment of gait and posture Jonathan advised othoses. I have never looked back ! I was pain free almost immediately and have remained that way despite lengthy and strenuous Dartmoor walking three times a week. I went for reassesment this week and was seen by Jack, who is also extremely friendly and professional. I have recommended this clinic to two fellow ramblers who have also been able to enjoy their walking again. Therefore, I would recommend Northernhay clinic without hesitation – Jonathan and his team are first class.”

Ann – August 2019

"Completely rectified my hip problems"

“Absolutely fantastic experience. Completely professional and very well educated and knowledgeable. The entire process was seemly and the after care is very genuine and helpful. Personally I have got on really well with my inserts. They have completely rectified my hip problems and hiking has become enjoyable again. I have just ordered my second pair so I don’t need to swap them in and out of my shoes. Money well spent! I would highly recommend anyone that has feet or like myself hip problems to schedule an appointment. I’m sure they cover many other issues and would be more then happy to discuss treatments.

If you’re reading reviews to decide if this place is for you then please do go ahead and book an appointment, they’re wonderful and will help you in any way possible.”

Jazminn – December 2019

"At last I'm pain free..."

“Many thanks to Jonathan, Dominic and Jack. At last I’m pain free after suffering from excruciating pain in my heel, which to be honest, I thought I would have to endure indefinitely. Jonathans’ excellent advice together with ‘shockwave therapy’ has been transformative!
The clinic is lovely and the service excellent, moreover it’s been the aftercare that has really impressed me further. A special place. I couldn’t be happier!”

James – March 2019

"Identified the root causes of the problem rather than focusing just on symptoms..."

“I am a Track and Field Athlete training and competing in the USA at University. I had been suffering from serious shin pain which had impacted my training programme and performance. I came to Northernhay Clinic having tried everything with no success. From the very beginning they were thorough, empathetic, professional and knowledgable. Their detailed analyses identified the root causes of the problem rather than focusing just on symptoms, and after two months working with them, I was pain free. I would definitely recommend Northernhay Clinic, they have given me the opportunity to progress my athletic career. A year ago I wasn’t sure if I could continue.”

Lucy – January 2020

"A huge blessing after 16 years of pain and disability..."

“I have been so glad of the really quick, efficient work of the team at Northernhay Clinic. They seemed to know exactly what I needed straight away and my insoles are already stabilising my rather damaged achilles and greatly reducing my pain.”

Marie – October 2019

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