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Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis is used to describe pain in one of both heels on the bottom of the heel bone and usually to the inside. The condition is common and for some sufferers a very serious cause of pain and inactivity. The condition requires diagnosing and treating as soon as you become aware of pain. It very common in people who are flat footed but those with a higher arch are also affected.

Heel Pain Or Plantar Fasciitis: With Us You Are In Good Hands


At Northernhay Clinic we have treated heel pain for nearly 20 years and we understand who is at risk of the condition and why they are at risk. We will look at your foot structure and function and advise a range of measures to get you back to your sport or normal daily activities as soon as possible. With the correct approach, together we can manage effectively most heel pain.

History and Examination


We will take a detailed history to establish a working diagnosis. Heel pain is commonly caused by mechancial factors, but there are other systemic conditions which can also lead to heel pain. The Podiatrist will examine you and according to your specific need, formulate a treatment plan.

Custom Foot Orthotics


Once we have identified the mechancis that cause your pain, we will often take corrective casts to prescribe custom foot orthotics. At Northernhay Clinic these are not guess work - they are individiually designed medical devices that align you and seek to oppose the forces that have caused your heel pain. For the best chance of sucess, your podiatrist must have great experience and skill. We have prescribed orthotics for two decades and they have never been better or more accurate than they are today.

The Correct Advice


We will tailor to you a plan of physical measures to help to ease your symptoms as soon as possible. The advice we give is tried and tested and for most patients will lead to speedy resolution of pain.

It is essential that you are correctly assessed and treated to avoid worsening and repeated episodes of heel pain.

Complete contact form below, click here to email us or call 01392 259101. We will put you back on the path to recovery irrespective or your chosen sport, pain or injury.

Shockwave Therapy


We have recently invested in this latest technology. Shockwaves are applied to the painful heel areas to alleviate symptoms. Your podiatrist will advise if this state of the art treatment might be suitable for you. Click here For more information about shockwave therapy.

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