Initial consultation

  • Initial Consultation (video consults available)
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Gait Analysis*
  • Footwear Advice
  • Digital Handouts
  • Referrals

*Gait analysis is not necessary/suitable for all patients and is performed at Clinical discretion.


Custom Foot Orthoses

  • Recyclable Materials
  • All Rounder, Sports & Dress Orthoses (Full Length Orthoses £425.00)
  • 100% Custom
  • 30 Years Experience

*Can vary depending on specific materials/top covers/individual orthotic need


Custom Foot Orthotic Therapy

This includes Consultation, Gait Analysis, Custom Foot Orthoses fitting & all relevant advices.

Follow ups are charged at our standard rate. If your problems are particularly complex our Podiatry team will endeavour to recognise this and highlight it when discussing fees. Follow up appointments are evaluated on an individual basis.

* Average fee including Initial Consultation, Gait Analysis, Custom Foot Orthotic Scanning & Fitting


Radial Shockwave Therapy Assessment

  • Individual session – £135
  • Course of 3 RSWT  – £325*
  • Course of 6 RSWT – £595*

*Special offer for Existing Patients



  • Follow Up with Gait Analysis – £135
  • Second Set Custom Orthoses – £299
    (3/4 length Orthoses – within 3 months of first order)
  • Recover Orthoses Full Length – £135*
  • Recover Orthoses 3/4 Length – £95*
*Recovering /refurbishment fees can vary depending on specific materials /covers

Other fees

  • Techmed3D Scanning – £95
  • ABPI Testing – £45
  • Child Orthotic Renewal – £315*
  • 3-4 Day Order rush – £45

* Ages and terms on fee list

Download our Fees as a PDF

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