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3DFootPrint = The future of Foot Orthotic Therapy.

With our inhouse 3DFootprint service, we can now design and print close contact Orthoses like never before. New advanced scanning technology allows us to create even more accurate Custom Orthotic shapes for you.



Our Consultant Podiatrist led team will be with you every step of the way. We utilise cutting edge 3DFootprint technology to produce the most accurate Foot Orthoses available today.



Our 3DFootPrint Orthoses are made from sustainable medical grade Nylon, a renewable raw material derived from castor oil. They are extremely durable.



Everyone is different. Your 3DFootprint Orthoses will reflect this. Our state of the art 3D technology will design and print the Orthotic shape that is right for you.

Our Orthotic Materials

Our 3D FootPrint Orthoses are made from Nylon PA11 and Nylon PA12. These are rare, bio-based engineering plastics made out of renewable raw materials derived from vegetable oil, mainly castor oil. 



PA11 & PA12 have a low environmental impact and consumes less non-renewable resources to be produced.



PA11 is characterized by good elasticity, high elongation at break point & high impact resistance. PA12 is known for it’s toughness, impact strength and ability to flex without fracture. This makes it the perfect material for long lasting, comfortable Foot Orthoses.



PA11 & PA12 printable Nylons allow complete conformity to the tissues of your foot – giving you a custom, smooth and comfortable ride.

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