Painful Flat Feet

‘Flat Feet’ or ‘Flat Footed’ is not a diagnosis.

We know that Flat Feet do not cause pain in all people. But for many adults and children Flat Feet can cause problems such as pain and joint limitation.

There are certain Foot & Ankle problems that are more common in flatter feet – hence the term Painful Flat Feet

Painful Flat Feet – Common Problems & Solutions

Plantar Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciopathy is commonly known as Plantar Fasciitis and affects 1 in 10 of us in our life times. It is characterised by pain on the bottom of the heel which is typically worse in the mornings. Pain from Plantar Fasciopathy often becomes a cause of serious inactivity. People with Flat Feet are commonly affected as the flattened foot Can cause a mechanical pull on the soft tissues on your heel.

Custom Foot Orthoses

Custom Orthotic support of your Flat Foot is a primary treatment as well as wearing correct footwear and taking part in appropriate activities. Custom Foot Orthoses will help reduce your pain from Flat Feet. You should be as diligent with using your Foot Orthotic Therapy as you are with cleaning your Teeth. Our long term aim is pain free walking and a return to the activities you love.

Midfoot Pain

The small key bones of the human mid foot are not designed to last as long as we do. The bones and joints of the midfoot can become damaged over time with systemic or inflammatory disease or as a result of trauma. People with Flat Feet can develop pathologies in the tendons which create stablity in the mid foot. This can make them more prone to pain. Our team will assess your midfoot pain and help alleviate it.

Worried about Flat Feet?

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