Through school and play, kids can put a lot of stress and strain through their feet. Lower limb injury is in no way uncommon in children. At Northernhay Clinic, our Podiatrists can advise, reassure and provide treatments for your child’s foot pain. If you notice your child changing how they walk or complaining of pain in their feet, ankles or knees, get in touch with us today.

What You Need to Know About Kids Foot Pain

Are you worried about Flat Feet? High Arches? Pigeon Toes? Toe Walking? Or perhaps you’re struggling to find the right footwear for your little ones. Our Team can offer advice, reassurance & treatments for kids’ Foot Pain.


Full Medical History

Kids can have Foot & Ankle Pain just like adults, but sometimes the cause can be quite different. Some paediatric foot pain can be related to growth, gait or even inflammatory conditons. Our team will taken an in-depth history to cover all bases.


Kids Biomechanical Exam

Health clinics can be intimidating for children. Our Team will create a relaxed environment and perform a ‘kid-friendly’ exam. 


Footwear Advice

Kids’ footwear can be a real nightmare for parents. They wear out too quickly or they’re outgrown too quickly. Our Team can give helpful advice on kids’s footwear.

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