Prescription Orthoses How To Use Them


It is important to remember that it may take some weeks until you are comfortable wearing your orthotics. Some patients feel immediately comfortable, others take longer to adjust.

Information For New Users


Generally the body does not adapt to change rapidly. You must expect some mild aches when you first begin to use orthotics. The discomfort can occur in the feet, ankles, knees, hips or back and will gradually disappear as you get used to your orthotics. Below are specific instructions how to break them in unless advised otherwised in consultation with your Podiatrist.

Specific Instructions - For New Users

Wear your orthotics for one hour of walking or standing for the first three days. On the fourth day, increase your wear to two hours and on the fifth day to three hours and so on until you can wear your orthotics all day.

Some patients may need to increase wear more slowly. Listen to your body and be more gradual if you feel you are more comfortable. Remember your orthotics are a long term therapy and so there is no rush.

Do not wear orthotics for sports activities until you can wear them comfortably for seven consecutive days, all day. If your orthotics cause any more than minor aches, please discontinue wear and contact Jonathan Palmer 01392 259101 immediately – THIS IS EXTREMELY RARE!

Please ensure that you wear your orthotics in suitable footwear as discussed during your consultations. Renew sports shoes regularly.

Most women can wear fashion shoes on occasions and not wear orthotics without risking regression back to symptoms (not all though!).

If you have been advised that you must wear your orthotics all the time then please take this advice.

Please remember that the muscles of the limb and indeed your whole body need time to adjust to wearing orthotics. When you first put orthotics into your shoes you will often feel the edges and arches. In time as the motor system (muscles, nerves and brain etc.) begin to work with the orthotics and get used to them being there you will become unaware that you have them in your shoes.

Orthotics are balanced to work on a flat surface. If you have excessive shape to the natural liner of a shoe in which you wish to use them, it can throw the natural balance of the orthotics and reduce their effectiveness. Simply remove such liners and replace with a flat cushioned insole available from supermarkets and shoe repairers etc.

Take your orthotics with you when you buy new shoes. Try to find footwear with a liner that removes so that you can replace with your prescription orthotics. The more your wear your orthotics, the better. In summer months sandals are OK if you are not active and on your feet walking. Sandals do not offer any support to better foot function and can cause symptoms to return when worn excessively.

Try and wear a light trainer or shoe with your orthotics when walking in hot weather. You may want to find sandals with backs (heel counters) that accept your orthotics, but please listen to your body and if symptoms begin to return, revert to shoes and orthotics immediately. As the saying goes.... "Rome wasn't built in a day."...... Please be patient!

Remember to refer to all written advice we have given you at your consultations as this should be read in conjunction with this information for your maximal treatment benefit. Do not ignore our advice as it will render the effectiveness of our treatment plan.

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