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What our customers have said

Our team brings decades of experience in Podiatry to help deliver the best service possible for our customers, here is what just a few of our many pleased customers had to say about us.


Kate Ralph


At the age of 25 I was having debilitating issues with hip and pelvic pain. I had been through months and months of different forms of treatment and seen numerous doctors, specialists and physiotherapists without anyone being able to rid me of the pain. I first met Jonathan when I was a teenager and having knee problems. He fitted me with a pair of orthotics and I never looked back! I wondered if he could help me again with my hip problems. I was given new orthotics and a handful of shockwave treatments and the improvement in my pain levels and mobility was unbelievable! Finally something worked! I feel indebted to Jonathan and so grateful as 5 years on i’m able to work in the job I wanted to do and lead a full and active life. Not something I envisaged I would be able to do 5 years ago.


Marie Dickens


I saw Jonathan Palmer when he first started in practice in 1995. I sat on his couch and cried because my heel pain was so bad. I had tried everything. Orthotics and advice and the odd follow up appointment have kept things quite comfy for me. Unfortunately, in 2014 my son has developed similar problems and I immedaitely telephoned Jonathan as the first place and probably the last that my son will need.


L Hermanson

University of Exeter

I came to Jonathan after 5 years of suffering from plantar fasciitis with both heels swollen and inflamed. He set me up with custom-made orthotics and gave me recommendations on suitable foot wear. He also carried out a series of Radial Shockwave Therapy treatments. Now, two months later, both the swelling and inflammation has died down and my quality of life has improved as I am able to stand and walk again without fear of pain. Jonathan is very experienced with plantar fasciitis and a friendly guy, I recommend him highly


Sheila Sloane


Pleased to report that the Orthotics are working a treat. And it took very little time to break them in.Peter has noticed that i am walking more naturally.And i am also walking further.

So saved in the nick of time.

Many thanks.

Will you keep me under review system?

Best wishes

Sheila S