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I am a keen long distance walker. Before attending Northernhay clinic I was having foot problems. Since then the orthotics I received have been excellent, I now have no problems. Top work.

Dave - January 2023

I have had “mystery”chronic pain that came on quite suddenly about 20 years ago. Extreme pain like total cramp in both feet whilst walking which would grind me to a halt sometimes within just 500 meters of setting off.
Sitting down would immediately relieve the pain, then I would continue, having to sit regularly but at further distances.
A painful experience, and really frustrating as my wife and like to walk!
I’ve had X-rays, seen surgeons, been to podiatrists and had expensive inserts, tried many types of shoes – I had given up.
My wife started to research and found this clinic, I was extremely sceptical and indeed was reluctant to visit them, as I had, in my mind tried everything in the past.

I met Jack who was very patient and understanding, with a fantastic examination he had a plan!
I received 3D supports, Jack told me it would take many weeks before the end result. Within a few weeks the improvements started and the terrible pain in my feet when walking started to subside.
It’s been 4 months now and I’m well on the way to recovery, it feels incredible, it’s now a joy to go on our walks without the pain and having to stop and sit every 500 meters or less.

I’m 80-90% better and I am confident I will get 100% result, even if I don’t achieve 100% I am totally happy with the result, it has quite literally changed our lives.


I first visited Northernhay Clinic in 2009 after I’d had many months of chronic plantar fasciitis, much pain and other foot problems. The expert analysis at Northernhay Clinic and the custom orthoses enabled me to fully recover.
Last year at the clinic I was fitted with 3D Footprint custom orthoses. These orthoses were just perfect !!!! Subsequently, I’ve just completed a virtual walking challenge of 1084 miles – Lands End to John O’ Groats scenic route. All of the walking was done locally as it began in the third lockdown. My average was 9 miles a day and I walked  every day for 4 months. The 3D Footprint foot orthoses were with me every step of the way!!!
Regaining fully mobility has been an utter joy and this walk enabled me to raise over £1500 for The Children’s Hospice South West.
Thank you Jonathan and all of the team!  Your expertise has been absolutely invaluable and has fully restored my quality of life.
I cannot recommend Northernhay Clinic highly enough!!!

Plantar Fasciitis and Lands End to John O ‘ Groats walking challenge

My Name is Ed Scott and I’m a professional parkour athlete. With help from my orthotic insoles I am able train to the highest standard, competing in events and competitions all around the world. I have previously won the biggest competition in the US, the biggest competition in the UK four times and have competed in the biggest competition in the world twice, finishing second in 2019. Having these specifically designed orthotic insoles allows me to have the correct support, padding and dexterity to train and take impact knowing my feet are in the optimal position to do so. Before I trained with the orthotics I was having pain in the joint in by big toes due to an injury in a competition, this put me out for competing for 2 months whilst I recovered. During this time I got recommended by a friend to visit 3DFootPrint at Northernhay Clinic to see if they would be able to help. After visiting I was fitted with custom orthotic insoles and I was able to train again. Since then I haven’t had any pain return in my joint and am able to train freely. 


In August, this year, I visited the Northernhay Clinic in Exeter on the recommendation of my doctor. I made an appointment to see Johnathan Palmer and also in attendance on the day was Jack Boulter and Matthew Carwithen. I was examined very thoroughly and questioned very closely, but politely, about my foot and leg pain. It was evident from the start that these gentlemen were very passionate about what they were doing and about giving the right treatment for me. I actually felt a great sense of trust in their company.A diagnosis was made and prescription orthoses recommended. Molds were taken of the soles of my feet, ensuring that I had exactly the right ones made for me.The support didn’t end there. They discussed the correct kind of footwear that I would now need and links to various supply sites where I could purchase these were sent to my email, along with simple exercises to help strengthen my ankles and legs that I could print off and keep.I have followed their advice to the letter and wear my orthoses all the time. I can honestly say that I am now pain free. I cannot thank these gentlemen enough – it was money well spent.


I visited the Northernhay clinic from London, and received a comprehensive assessment by Jonathan. He not only identified some key foot and gait issues, but also connected them to a host of other musculoskeletal problems/injuries I had had many, many years previously, which made complete sense. He was highly knowledgeable, but also communicated brilliantly, explaining the examination and procedures along the way, ensuring I felt comfortable and informed. I had never visited a podiatry clinic before, and was impressed by the facilities and equipment, and the thoroughness of the history taking and examination. I would highly recommend this clinic.


Had an ongoing knee problem causing severe pain in my right knee, sometimes making it hard for me to walk. Booked a consultation at Northernhay Clinic. I was assessed and treated by Jack. Amazing service, he identified what was wrong with my knee on the first session and prescribed me inserts in my shoes to fix the problem. Everything was explained clearly and the customer service was great. I also got lots of advice on better footwear in order to look after my knee better in the long run. Would definitely go back again!


I would highly recommend the Northernhay clinic to anyone. Podiatrist Jonathon Palmer was able to diagnose and treat my complex foot condition after the NHS had misdiagnosed and mistreated the condition for three years. All staff at the clinic are very welcoming with the clinic itself being very well laid out making for a comfortable atmosphere. I was prescribed custom orthotics by the clinic which has enabled me to keep active and maintain my quality of life with a complete reduction in the pain I had previously experienced.


Jonathon and Jack were both really helpful and kind. They both explained the process and diagnosis very patiently. The two orthotics that I ordered, a normal one and a sports one, were really comfortable, and I already feel the difference in the way I walk and hold myself.


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