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Taking part in sports activities is fun and rewarding as well as highly complex in terms of the science behind each and every sport. If your sport takes place on a surface, then repetitive overuse injuries can and do often occur. At Northerhay Clinic, we can assess you, using computerised techniques and clinical skill. We have treated HM Royal Marines Lympstone personnel since 1995, catering for their podiatric biomechancial needs.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure


Sports injuries can result from trauma as well as overuse. If you aim to enhance your performance and stay injury free, then podiatric biomechancial examination and computerised gait analysis is a great starting point for the injured and un-injured athlete.

Below are some of the ways that we could help you to enjoy your sport more efficiently with reduced likelihood of injury.



We can advise you on the latest footwear, or lack of it. We are constantly keeping up with research projects and can advise each individual on what combination of footwear and sport might be the healthiest choice. Once we have classified your foot and limb type, and/ or performed a video computer gait analysis, we can begin the process of simplifying footwear and sport choices that you make.



We have a dedicated gait analysis room equipped with a commercial quality Johnson treadmill and fitted with the OptoGait System™.

This equipment plus the experienced eyes of our professional team are valuable tools to aid diagnosis.

Athletes who are not injuried might seek to enhance their performance and have OptoGait™ analysis to baseline the un-injured gait and at the same time take podiatric advice to try and reduce injury likelihood in the future.



Let us take the mystic out of your sport footwear choices for good. The advice we give you could potentially save you money in footwear mistakes and resultant injuries that require costly treatment and irritating rehab time away from your chosen sport.

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Sport Overuse Injuries


Foot and limb injuries in sport are common. It is the overuse injuries that we are particularly good at treating. Trauma that is not responding to normal rehabilitation can be as a result of poor underlying foot and limb function delaying healing.

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