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We have treated many patients since 1995 with shin pain. Shin pain can be a result of a number of different causes including muscle, tendon and bone to name but a few. Diagnosing the cause of your pain and adopting a treatment plan for you is our aim. Shin pains are often collectively referred to by the lay term 'Shin Splints'.

Your Shins Are Home To Muscles and Tendons that Work Your Feet


The shin is to the foot what the forearm is to the hand. Pain in the shin can indicate a fault in your feet. Often flat foot causes Medial Tibial Border Syndrome or pain on the inside of the shin above the ankle.

Foot and Ankle


The muscles and tendons that work your feet are located in four compartments in the shin. If your feet have structural faults, the normal muscle balance is disturbed and this can lead to shin pain.

Some complex forms of shin pain i.e: Compartment Syndrome and stress fractures will require special investigations, which we will recommend if appropriate.

Custom Foot Orthoses


Can be prescribed by us to optimise the foot balance and lead to better muscle function to ease or resolve your shin pain. Click here to find out more.

Computer Gait Analysis


Computer gait analysis is often used to measure and view the exact imbalance leading to your shin pain.

Shockwave Therapy


Shin pain can be helped in some cases with radial shockwave therapy.

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