Chiropody (Routine Podiatry)

Northernhay Clinic, Exeter offer a Routine Chiropody service to help our patients manage a number of foot conditions.

We are a convenient city centre clinic providing a warm, friendly and professional environment to help our patients feel at ease.

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Callous is a thickening of the skins surface that usually occurs due to pressure or friction, but can also be caused by systemic conditions. Our Podiatry team can help to manage pain associated with callous and provide long term solutions to keep you moving

Routine Screening

Any of our new patients needing routine care will recieve routine foot screenings to assess their Vascular & Neurological supply. This allows our team to monitor your general health as well as your foot health and get you further help if necessary


Corns (medically known as Heloma Durum/Heloma Molle) generally occur due as a result of excessive pressure, causing skin to compact and harden. Corns can be extremely painful and really hinder your mobility. Our routine service can help to ease the pain associated with corns and make each foot step much more comfortable

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Nail Care

Our toenails can become difficult to manage for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are struggling to reach your toenails in order to care for them and need some help. Book a routine assessment and let our Podiatrists provide high quality foot care for you

Long Term Management

Our team are also experts in Musculoskeletal Podiatry and can use this knowledge to provide long term treatments to help to reduce your pain. This may include footwear advice, custom foot orthoses and exercise therapy

Flexible Appointments

We offer flexible appointment times including evening appointments, to make sure you get the care you need, when you need it. 

In Safe Hands

Our Podiatry team has decades of experience and have provided care for thousands of happy patients. Read our Google reviews to see how we have helped our patients.

In Depth Assessment

Our specialist service that goes beyond routine footcare. Our Foot Health screens can provide a  more in depth view of your general health 

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