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The human foot and ankle is complex. With 28 bones, numerous joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles there is so much that can go wrong. As we stand on our feet and ankles, driving them into the ground with walking and sport, it is little wonder that overuse injuries can easily develop. At Northernhay Clinic we can optimise your foot function and make injuries less likely.

Because we are all so different


We can provide our patients with a complete gait analysis and bio-mechanical examination service to diagnose faults in the foot, ankle and gait pattern. We will tailor our treatment plan to ensure that you enjoy your sport and social activities with maximal comfort.

Our lead podiatrist Jonathan Palmer Bsc(pod) has nearly two decades experience of examination, diagnosis and treatment of foot, leg and gait disorders.

Foot and Ankle Pain


It is important to acknowledge pain in your feet and ankles as soon as possible as they often are a warning sign of worse to come. In extreme cases the outcome of some foot pain is the foot losing structural integrity and collapsing, just as houses and buildings do.

The Human Foot and Ankle


The human foot and ankle is very complex and needs a systematic approach of the podiatry examination to detect subtle faults and solve ongoing pain issues.

Computer Gait Analysis


Computer Gait Analysis can identify if your foot and ankle are moving correctly and evenly through OptoGait™ video and treadmill analysis combined with the trained eye and experience of our podiatrists.



Whether for every day life, sport or formal occasions, your footwear choices will impact your foot and ankle health. We can help you make informed choices.

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