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Our mission is to provide an honest & expert approach to MSK Podiatry care.

Medical Director: Jonathan Palmer BSc (Pod) FFPM RCPS (Glasg). FCPM

Consultant Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

At Northernhay Clinic (Exeter Foot, Ankle and Gait Centre) we have 24 years experience treating Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain. We treat sports, overuse or age related injuries and monitor our patients progress with state of the art technology, such as Video Gait Analysis.

Top athletes, sports enthusiasts and military personnel value our outstanding record of injury prevention and treatment.

Two decades of service to HM Royal Marines Training Centre make us one of the most experienced teams in the UK.

Whether your problem is simple or complex we are here and ready to help.


Experienced Podiatry Team

Our Medical Director Mr Jonathan Palmer is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and has provided MSK Podiatry service to HM Royal Marines & Special Forces for 20 years.


Custom Foot Orthoses

Our team specialise in the prescription and design of Custom Made Foot Orthoses. We aim to keep you moving today and in the future.


Movement Is Medicine

Keeping you moving means keeping you healthy. All our treatments are designed to optimise the way you move.


3D Footprint

3D printing allows us to design Custom Orthoses for you with true close contact fit. Minimal carbon footprint makes our signature programme the future of sustainable Foot Orthotic therapy.


Gait Analysis

We don’t use technology just for the sake of it. Video Gait Analysis helps us show you how a movement pattern might be contributing to your pain and how you can improve your walking/ running form.


Under 16 - 3D Footprint

Updating Custom Foot Orthoses for growing children can be expensive. Our new 3D Footprint programme for under 16s introdudes a more affordable solution to Podo-Paediatric care.

Our Services

At Northernhay Clinic we provide a wide range of treatments for Lower Limb Pain. During consultation our Podiatry team will advise you which treatment might suit you best and why. Whether it is Custom Foot Orthoses, Load Management, Shockwave Therapy or Strength & Conditioning, we will help you find a suitable therapy to ease your pain.

Custom Foot Orthoses

The orthoses we prescribe at Northernhay Clinic are fully custom made and tailored to each indiviual’s feet and problems. 3D scanning and printing technology allows to to capture a truly custom orthotic shape.

Shockwave Therapy

Radial Shockwave Therapy is a highly effective & non-invasive treatment for a range of tendon and soft tissue injuries. Reducing pain and restoring function, it allows you to return to the activities you love.

Strength & Conditioning

Movement is Medicine. Strength & mobility work often form a key part of our treatment programmes. Our Podiatrists will use exercise as a part of your treatment plan to reduce your pain and keep you moving.

Footwear Advice

Finding the right footwear for you can be a real challenge. When you have foot pain, this can prove even harder. Footwear choices are often crucial in the management of foot pain. Our team will work with you to find the footwear that meets your needs.  

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is used to assess, plan, and treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk. It is also commonly used in sports to help athletes run and move more efficiently by identifying movement-related problems.


Through school and play, kids can put a lot of stress and strain through their feet. Many parents are concerned about their kids’ flat feet, or the way they walk. Our Podiatrists can advise, reassure and provide treatments for your child’s foot pain.

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