Northernhay Clinic Why the OptoGait™ System For You?


We have great confidence in our clinical skills, put simply we know what we are good at. The key to our sucess as a clinic over nearly two decades is that we have always believed, the more you understand about your body and its weaknesses (everyone has them!), the more likely you will be to take part in an active rehabilitation. Knowledge is the key to sucess and understanding is the map to show the way.

OptoGait™ To Help You Understand Your Body


We can use this state of the art technical tool in our dedicated gait analysis laboratory here at Northernhay Clinic to video your foot function and capture computerised data to enhance the way that you understand your own movement patterns. Don't worry - we will keep it nice and straight forward.

OptoGait™ Is An Important Tool


The OptoGait™ system is only as good as the interpretations of professionals operating it. We will advise you if this equipment is likely to be of benefit for you. This system enhances not replaces traditional podiatric biomechanical examination & compliments the experience of the clinician with great results.

Adding Numbers To Your Evaluation


When we use the Optogait™ system, the data collected can be printed for you to take away. This information can be very useful for your coach if you are a serious athlete and can also be an invaluable baseline for the uninjured athlete who attends clinic for screening and preventative advice.

A recent study by University of Wisconsin in the United States for example, states that increasing your steps per minute whilst running (cadance), can reduce ground reaction force and possibly injury. OptoGait™ can measure your cadance and re-measure at a later date to check your progress for this and other beneficial gait enhancers.

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