Custom Orthotic Offers


Because we live life in different places and with different footwear needs, we have devised a cost effective plan to ensure that you can benefit from orthotic control in whatever footwear you are wearing. Below are some common footwear types that benefit from specific orthotic builds.

Current Podiatry Offers


Whether you are playing tennis, running short or long distance, rambling, playing golf or out for a formal ocassion or meeting, there is an orthotic for all shoe types.

Jumping & Raquet Sports

Jumping/ raquet sports require more cushioning and more sideways control of the foot, ankle and leg.

If you enjoy these sports frequently, discuss with the Podiatrist a sport specific jumping/ raquet set.



Unless you are advised otherwise, your main set of orthotics will be suitable for running shoes. A full length set left permanently in your running shoes can prolong the life of your orthotics and give you more comfort to distance runs. If we have advised you not to run for whatever reason, please accept this advice.

Exact Copy of First Set

If you just want a copy of your orginal orthotics as a spare pair, we include these in our offer. It is often handy to have a second pair.

Complete contact form below, click here to email us or call 01392 259101. We will put you back on the path to recovery irrespective or your chosen sport, pain or injury.

Golf Shoes


A full length set of orthotics replacing the liner of golf shoes can make your swing more comfortable and those 18 holes even more pleasurable.

Dress Shoes


Your main set of orthotics are prescribed with your specific pain and problem in mind.

If you need to wear a dress shoe, we can provide a second set of lower profile/ less bulky orthotics for occassional use. For some patients this is not advisable and the podiatrist will advise individually.

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