Hip Pain

We often have patients attend our Podiatry Clinics with Hip Pain as one of the complaints. Your hips function together with your feet & ankles, so if you are having hip pain, a Podiatry Consultation & Biomechanical Assessment might be indicated.

The Hip is a ball and socket that fits into your pelvis. This can be a common area of ‘Wear & Repair” in the body. Most people will experience some Hip Pain throughout the course of their life, whether it is musuclar, joint or bone related.

Causes of Hip Pain are many and varied. One common cause is leg length in-equalities (one leg longer than the other) which can lead to one hip bearing more weight as we walk and run. A combination of pain history, biomechanical examination and OptoGaitâ„¢ analysis can help our Podiatrists identify the cause of your hip symptoms.

Hip Pain is prevalent in runners and golfers. Pain can occur within the joint itself or around it in the soft tissues. Hip bursitis can be assocaited with biomechanical issues at the Foot & Ankle. Book a consultation with us today and find out if your gait pattern & foot stability might be contributing to your hip pain.

Hip Pain Treatments

Custom Foot Orthoses

Foot function can affect Hip function. Excessive movement at the hips (especially in those patients with Hypermobility syndromes) can lead to instability at the Foot level. Foot Orthoses can help to remedy this.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is mainly used in the treatment of Hip Bursitis. This is the most common form of Hip Pain in which the bursae on the outside of the hip become sore and inflamed usually due to strain or overuse injury.


If our Team suspect that you might have Hip Bursitis, we may recommend a Physiotherapist referral. Our Podiatrists will take a thorough history via Video Consultation. If you wish to book a Video Consult, please click below. 

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