Northernhay Clinic Hip Pain Treatments


We often have patients attend clinic with hip pain as one of the complaints. Your hips function together with your feet and ankles and if you are having hip pain, a podiatry consultation might be indicated.

The Hip Is Profoundly Affected By Your Feet


Causes of hip pain are many and varied. One common cause is length in-equalities (one leg longer than the other) which can lead to one hip bearing more weight as we walk and run. A combination of pain history, podiatry examination and OptoGait™ analysis can help your hip symptoms.

The Hip Joint


The hip is a ball and socket that fits into your pelvis. This can be a common area of wear and tear in the body.

Torque Convertor


The ankle is a complex joint that converts movements in the foot into movements in the legs, knees and hips. Flat feet are a common contributing cause to pain in the hips. Too much movement in the hips can also make your feet unstable. Either way, podiatry and foot orthotics can help.

Core Stability


Core stability is very important to your hip stability and to gait generally. Poor core stability can contribute to injury in the feet, limbs. knees. hips and spine. We may recommend a physiotherapy appointment to improve your core stability.

A Common Injury In Runners And Golfers


Hip pain is prevalent in runners and golfers. Pain can occur within the joint or around it in the soft tissues. Hip bursitis is often assocaited with flat foot function. Book a consultation with us today and find out if your gait pattern and foot stability might be contributing to your hip pain.

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