Northernhay Clinic Central Exeter Foot Pain Treatments And Flat Feet


Foot pain can be distressing and can affect your ability to enjoy even the simplest daily activities. With us you are in good hands. We understand foot pain and we have the experience to help you to manage it effectively.

Your Foot Function Affects Your Knees, Hips and Spine...


The foot has a dual and complex function for us as we walk and run. The foot and ankle absorb shock as our heels strike the ground (pronate) and must flatten a little to allow this. The foot must also become stable as we pass our body weight from one step to the next. Faults in the foot unlocking and re-locking mechanism can be detected and treated by us. Faults are often subtle and need a professional, experienced eye. Book an appointment with Northernhay Clinic and start your journey back to a better life on your feet.

Why Is Flat Foot A Problem


The foot does need to flatten out a little during walking and running. Problems occur when the foot does not recover arch height resulting in other joints, muscles and tendons overworking. Pains can occur in the foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and spine. We can help manage common and troublesome flat foot conditions. Click here to find out how.

High Arches Are Also A Problem


The high arch or cavus foot is problematic for completely opposite reasons to the flat foot. The high arch often allows for stable function, but shock is often poorly absorbed. Custom foot orthotics can be cast and designed to your need to improve shock absorption for this foot type.

Get It Checked


If you have sufferred any foot pain in the past, a podiatry examination will highlight weaknesses in your foot and limb. These weaknesses are correctable or can be managed to make other problems in the leg and body less likely.

Complete contact form below, click here to email us or call 01392 259101. We will put you back on the path to recovery irrespective or your chosen sport, pain or injury.

Feet Causing Hip or Back Pain?


Many of our patients with flat feet or high arched feet suffer with hip or low back pain which can often be improved with Custom foot orthotics. Stable, well functioning feet can lead to better hip and spine function.

Do not under estimate how much a poor foot and ankle function can lead to or worsen pelvic or back pain.

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