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Custom orthotics are the cornerstone of effecive podiatry. Your foot, ankle and limb are unique and so should be any orthotics. The orthotics we prescribe at Northernhay Clinic are fully custom made and tailored to each indiviual's feet and problems. Our work has been audited a number of times by HM Royal Marines, Lympstone and the results have been impressive. Patients who have been treated with our custom orthotics are generally delighted with the comfort and ongoing effectiveness of our products.

Precision And Care From Examination To Manufacture


We will begin with a thorough history and examination of your feet, ankles and limbs. We can also use our computerised OptoGait(tm) gait analysis system as an efficient aid to diagnosis. Our lead podiatrist, Jonathan Palmer Bsc (pod) has nearly two decades experience and successfully treated thousands of HM Royal Marines and private patients. Detecting your bio-mechanical defits is our priority. We will take corrective plaster casts and process these through a computer laser scanner. Our manufacturing laboratory will make up your orthotics to our exacting specifcation casts to ensure perfect fit and comfort.

Examination and Casting


We will take a full history of your medical problems and then examine your feet, ankle and limbs to detect your alignment or stability issues.

We will assess how your foot function should be improved. And we will use all our professional skills to capture this in corrective plaster casts or scans of your feet.

Computer Gait Analysis


Computer gait analysis is often used to highlight your alignment problems. The data collected can be very useful to compare before and after treatment. However, it is most important to us, how you feel and our experience tells us that our patients tend to love the positive effects they get from wearing custom made foot orthotics.

Complete contact form below, click here to email us or call 01392 259101. We will put you back on the path to recovery irrespective or your chosen sport, pain or injury.

Scanning Technology


We will use our state of the art cast scanner to make a CAD/ CAM model of your corrected foot shape. There is no shortcut to this skilled process. Our custom orthotics are prescribed to be a premium, bespoke product that give you maximal chance of ongoing comfort and pain free living. We will never compromise the excellence of what we do.

Precision Manufacture


We have a longstanding and established work history with our orthotic laboratory. They will translate our exacting specifications into a premium precision product that caters for your need.

At Northernhay Clinic you can be assured that your finished orthotics are always acurate and as prescribed. We have nearly 20 years experience to draw from.

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