Exercise Therapy & Foot Pain

Exercise Therapy is often part of the treatment plan we design for your Foot Pain. Whether Stretching or Strengthening, the main aim of Exercise Therapy is to increase the capacity of your injured tissues – allowing them to handle load more effectively.

 About Exercise Therapy

Most of our patients will be prescribed some form of exercise in their treatment plan. Our expert team will work together to find the right dose of prescription for you. 



Stretching can be a vital part of your treatment program. This may be to increase the range of movement around a joint or to alleviate painful symptoms associated with certain injuries.



Strength work is often vital to Lower Limb Rehab. Our Podiatrists will test your strengths in an in-depth biomechanical assessment. We will then custom design and prescribe a strength program for you. This is to increase the capacity of certain tissues and allow tendons and muslces to become stronger and more resilient.


Movement is Medicine

The Northernhay Clinic Team use Exercise Therapy to treat a huge range of health conditions. The benefits are endless. We want to keep you moving and healthy.

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