Custom Orthoses

Custom Foot Orthoses are one of the most effective treatments in Musculoskeletal Podiatry.

Our Expert Team have over two decades of experience in prescribing Custom Foot Orthoses to military personnel, professional athletes and private patients.

How Can Custom Orthoses Help Me?

Foot & Ankle Pain

Whether you are suffering from Plantar Heel Pain, Achilles Tendinopathy, Midfoot Arthritis or many other Foot & Ankle injuries – Custom Foot Orthoses can be of great help in your rehabilitation.

The Orthoses we prescribe at Northernhay Clinic are fully custom made and tailored to your individual foot structure. 3DFootprint scanning and printing technology allows us to to capture a truly Custom Orthotic shape.

Shin Pain


Custom Foot Orthoses are often used in the treatment of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, commonly known as ‘Shin Splints’. Foot Orthoses can effectively help to reduce bending and pulling forces on the Shin (Tibia Bone) as well as addressing other foot function issues that may contribute to Shin Pain.

Knee Pain

Custom Foot Orthoses often reduce symptoms of Anterior Knee Pain (Patellar Tendinopathy and Patellofemoral Pain).

Custom Foot Orthoses are also often used in treating Knee Osteoarthritis. They can effectively modify the way forces interact in your knee joint, allowing the offload of painful structures.

Hip Pain

In our clinical experience Hip Pain is often a secondary complaint or appears alongside Lower Limb Pain. Hip Pain can be caused by trauma, overuse, age or inflammatory and systemic conditions. 

Custom Foot Orthoses can be used in the treatment of Hip Pain to control the rotation of the limb. We often add some gait education and strength exercises to help ease your pain.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is extremely common. Often people will put up with Lower Back Pain without knowing what is causing it.

Custom Foot Orthoses can help address issues such as Leg Length Inequalities which often leads to Lower Back Pain. Custom Foot Orthoses can also help to control force, motion & rotation in the foot, helping to manage Lower Back Pain.

Posture & Comfort

Whether you are walking, running, golfing, skiing or driving, posture can be crucial to the management of Back Pain.

Custom Foot Orthoses can help you greatly with postural awareness, the way you carry yourself and general comfort. Your feet are your foundations and what happens at the foot is reflected through out the rest of your body.

Please read some of our Testimonials below for some insight into how Custom Foot Orthoses have helped our patients.

Custom Foot Orthoses

At Northernhay Clinic, our team specialise in the design & print of Custom Foot Orthoses. We have successfully been prescribing Custom Orthoses to Royal Marines & Special Forces, professional athletes and private patients for over 20 years. Custom Foot Orthoses will help to keep you moving.


Custom Fit

Our TechMed3D scans allow us to capture true custom shapes and reflect the precise shape of your feet in your Orthoses. We still have a close relationship with our Orthotic Laboratory in Vancouver (Canada) who continue to produce high quality Carbon Fibre Foot Orthoses for our patients.



PA11 nylon is often used in Robotics & Protheses. Our PA11 Foot Orthoses have a high impact resistance while offering a smooth and comfortabe ride underfoot.



3D printed Medical Grade Nylon PA11 is derived from the raw materials drawn from vegetable oils such as castor oil. All our 3DFootprint Orthoses are printed in the UK.

Thank you Jack for once again helping. The new orthotics are working a treat, along with the exercise you gave me to do. I am much improved and would and do recommend you to anyone.

Pam - February 2020

A huge thank you to Jonathan and his team for my latest orthotics. I am now on my second pair after nearly four years and they have proved invaluable, enabling me to do so many activities pain-free once again. It is a very professional and friendly service at Northernhay and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Nick - January 2020

Absolutely fantastic experience. Completely professional and very well educated and knowledgeable. The entire process was seemly and the after care is very genuine and helpful. Personally I have got on really well with my inserts. They have completely rectified my hip problems and hiking has become enjoyable again. I have just ordered my second pair so I don’t need to swap them in and out of my shoes. Money well spent! I would highly recommend anyone that has feet or like myself hip problems to schedule an appointment. I’m sure they cover many other issues and would be more then happy to discuss treatments. If you’re reading reviews to decide if this place is for you then please do go ahead and book an appointment, they’re wonderful and will help you in anyway possible.

Jazminn - December 2019

Three years ago Jonathan undertook a gait analysis for me because I had experienced pain on the side of my left foot after a walking holiday. The custom made insoles he prescribed and the advice he provided on different footwear was invaluable. Since then I have not experienced any further problems even when walking long distances on a regular basis. The insoles are so comfortable that I miss them if I don’t wear them. I have returned to the clinic and asked Jonathan to order another set of insoles and again he has been exceedingly helpful in providing further advice. Jonathan is very sincere in wanting to solve the problem and find the right solution and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Gill - June 2019

Jonathan and Jack were both really helpful and kind. They both explained the process and diagnosis very patiently. The two orthotics that I ordered, a normal one and a sports one, were really comfortable, and I already feel the difference in the way I walk and hold myself.

Charlotte - December 2018

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