Biomechanical Examination 

Biomechanics  is the study of human form with the application of mechancial laws to living structures.

At Northernhay Clinic, we believe that the more you know about your body and the way you move (or don’t) the more likely you will be to take part in an active rehabilitation. Knowledge is the key to sucess and understanding is the map to show the way. These reasons mirror also the reason we perform Gait Analysis.

What You Need to Know About Biomechanical Examination 

Our Team use Biomechanical Examination  as a tool to identify possible pathological movement patterns that may be contributing to your pain. This will preceed  Our Gait Analysis procedures and should enable us to predict better your outcomes and plan your treatment.


Gait Screening

You don’t have to be injured to have a Gait Analysis. Perhaps you are a runner looking to improve a PB. Our OptoGait System can help us give you the right advice to improve your running form. 


Understand your own Physicality

Our Team can use our OptoGait data to help you better undertand the way you move.


Education & Advice

Our OptoGait software allows our team to give you educational advice on Footwear, Actvities, Orthotic use and much more.

Gait Analysis FAQ

How can Gait Analysis help me?

Our OptoGait software is designed to help our patients to understand they way they move. Our Team have always believed, that the more you understand about your body and your pain, the more likely you will be to take part in an active rehabilitation.

Knowledge is the key to sucess and understanding is the map to show the way. OptoGait analysis is a tool to boost your understanding and to give our Podiatrists some objective data to help them tailor treatments for you. 

Do I have to have a Gait Analysis?

The simple answer is no. During the Covid-19 pandemic we rarely conduct Gait Analysis unless we deem it absolutely necessary. If you would rather not have a Gait Analysis this is perfectly acceptable.

Do I walk or Run on the Treadmill?

Our Team like to see you walking barefoot on the treadmill. We call this ‘the naked truth’. We can glean much more useful information from a barefoot walk as we can observe what is happening inside a shoe. 

Sometimes we might ask you to repeat the Gait Analysis with shoes on (with or without Foot Orthoses) for comparative purposes.

What happens to my Video?

Your OptoGait Video and Data is stored securely on our digital hard drive and is password protected. 

I'm a Runner - can Gait Analysis help me?

As a runner, learning more about your gait can be invaluable. Gait variables such as cadence, step length, foot strike and many more can be modified in order to bring about changes to your running style and can have positive affects on running injury. 

Gait Education can be transformational for runners and can be a useful tool for Podiatrists when treating runners and athletes.

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