Northernhay Clinic Back Pain Treatments


The spine and general posture are affected in various ways by your foot function.Your Northernhay Clinic Podiatrist will be able to assess your feet and legs and optimise function to help to alleviate back pain through better posture.

Gait Related Back Pain


This can be a complex medical issue. Gait related backpain can be as a result of a number of faults in the foot and limb function. Foot faults can lead to poor shock absorption as the heel strikes the gound and the foot loads. Stresses can travel up the legs into the pelvis and spine. Differences in leg lengths can cause lower back pain. They also can cause complex 3D motion disturbances in the feet, limbs and pelvis.

Foot and Ankle


If your foot function is not good, your spine and low back can be affected.

Custom Foot Orthoses


Custom foot orthotics can be prescribed to optimise foot and ankle alignment and/ or correct leg length differences.

Computer Gait Analysis


We can assess your movement and gait pattern closely using our OptoGait™ system which will highlight and/ or confirm clinical diagnosis of limb length inequality or poor foot function as a contributory factor to your back pain.



We may advise physiotherapy in additon to podiatry to help your symptoms and once treated with success, keep them at bay.

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