Back Pain

Back Pain is the most common Musculoskeletal complaint at GP surgeries. The spine and general posture are always interlinked with lower limb and foot function. Our expert team will assess you to optimise your limb and foot function and help alleviate your back pain.

Lower Back Pain is often caused by Lower Limb or Foot dysfunction. Poor shock absorption as the heel strikes the ground can trigger pain travelling up into your pelvis and spine. Differences in leg length also often cause back pain.

Walking has proven particularly effective in the management of Lower Back Pain.

Our expert Team employ a holistic approach in the management of Lower Back Pain and can help you get moving and walking again.

Lower Back Pain Treatments

Custom Orthoses

Custom Foot Orthoses are often prescribed to correct Lower Limb and Foot dysfunctions. Foot Orthoses can also correct Leg Length Inequalities which may be contributing to Lower Back Pain.

Gait Analysis

Computer Gait Analysis can measure bio-mechanical factors which may cause your Lower Back Pain. These state of the art computer generated movement patterns help us identify the reason for your pain. 


Effective management of Lower Back Pain often requires strength and mobility exercises. Our Physiotherapist colleagues can help you increase resilience and strengthen your muscle capacity in the Lower Back.

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