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The Achilles tendon is easily damaged both in sport activities and in everyday normal activities. Achilles tendon pain can be very troublesome and can stop us enjoying a variety of normal daily activities. At Northernhay Clinic, we have treated Achilles tendons problems with great sucess for nearly 20 years.

Achilles Tendons In Need Of Help


The Achilles tendon forms from the Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles and attaches to the heel bone. Contraction of the muscles generates forces in the tendon and lifts the heel sending us forward from one step to the next. Problems arise when poor foot function or shape increase the achilles tendon's workload and can lead to inflammation in the tendon sheath or changes in the tendon with resultant pain. Certain systemic conditions can also cause Achilles tendon infalmmation and pain and this is a significant but less common cause.

A Major Tendon For Life


The Achilles tendon is one of the better known anatomic features in sports medicine due to the abrupt dramatic nature of some injuries to this tendon. This tendon is so named for the hero whose heel, according to Greek mythology, was the only part of his body where he could be hurt.

Custom Foot Orthotics


Improving foot function and particularly balancing flat feet conditions can dramatically improve symptoms in many patients with Achillles tendon problems. Custom Foot Orthotics could put you on the route back to recovery.

Complete contact form below, click here to email us or call 01392 259101. We will put you back on the path to recovery irrespective or your chosen sport, pain or injury.

Computerised Gait Analysis


Computerised gait analysis can be used to examine the foot fall and timing of the heel lift where appropriate. This can be a useful tool to diagnose pathomechancial function of the feet.

Shockwave Therapy


We invested a few years ago in this impressive technology. Shockwaves are applied to the painful Achilles tendon to allevaite symptoms. Your Podiatrist will advise if this state of art treatment might be suitable for you. For more information on shockwave therapy.

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