Northernhay Clinic Leg & General Posture Treatments


Your Podiatrist can help with all manner of leg and general posture issues. If you have read our website and are unsure which of our treatments will work for you, then send us a contact form and we will respond.

Your Foot Alignment Matters


The feet are the foundations of your body and poor foot function will lead to poor overall function and bad posture.

Feet Unbalanced?


With a solid support and balanced foot your body is better able to take the strain of movement.

Custom Foot Orthoses


Many patients report greatly improved posture once their foot function is corrected.

Low Limb and Knee Injuries


General poor movement patterns can lead to further injuries in the body parts that get overused and stressed.

Overuse Injuries


Even the seemingly more gentle sports activities such as rambling can lead to overuse injuries if the feet are flat or have other alignment issues.

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