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Fees - as of 01/06/2020 - Please be aware that COVID 19 requires we allow extra time in clinic for your visit

Consultation / Bio-mechanics / Gait Analysis / Follow Ups

Consultation and/or Biomechanical Examination with Computer Gait Analysis (if necessary) £125.00 (online only) £70.00
Follow Up Appointments £90.00(COVID19 MINIMUM CLINIC CHARGE)
Follow Up Appointments with Computer Gait Analysis £125.00 (COVID 19 NOT AVAILABLE)

Podiatry & Lab Fees, Custom Orthotics

Plaster Of Paris Casts Both Feet £55.00
Custom Orthotics (single or pair) (Lab Fees and Podiatry Fees) £334.50*

Full Length Orthoses add £17.50 pair

Carbon Fiber (FIREFLY) Add £45.00 pair /

Including Podiatrist evaluation, cast scanning or postage to the lab, lab fee for standard shell, follow up fitting appointment, in house/ lab modifications as deemed necessary by the podiatrist within 6 weeks of fitting (follow up, materials, lab fees and postage will be charged to the patient).
Within 3 Months Custom Orthoses (Lab fees and Podiatry Fees)(*) £299.00**

** A copy of the first therapeutic set, sport specific or for dress shoes, for Birkenstock sandal fitting (fitting in fee applies (£39.00) & suitable only for some patients)

The average Podiatry & Lab Fee for a set of Custom Orthotics is: £524.50 including fitting. Follow ups are charged at our standard rate and will generally not be required for most patients. If your problems are particulalrly complex your Podiatry team will endeavour to recognise this and highlight it when discussing fees (identifying patients who might need further follow ups is not possible in every case).

Podiatry & Lab Fees Custom Orthotics For Child Renewals Up to 13th birthday date

Child Renewal Lab fees and Podiatry Fees £209.00*
Child Renewal Re-casting £85.00 with Optogait Re-Analysis

Additional Lab Fees (per pair) that you may incur (because they will add to your specific orthotic lab fee)

If the Podiatrist recommends full length orthotics (e.g: for sports) £10.00
If the Podiatrist recommends Carbon Fibre or PRX orthotics £15.00
R3 3 to 4 Day Rush £45.00***
R7 7 Day Rush £20.00***

*** If we recommend that you need your lab products at short notice e.g.: severe pain.

Shockwave Therapy

Consultation / assessment £125.00
Radial Shock Wave Therapy treatment £95.00
Radial Shock Wave Therapy - each additional structure £25.00
Shockwave Up to 3 treatments for Existing Patients £295.00*
* Patients seen by Jonathan Palmer & Having Been Prescribed Foot Orthoses

Non Musculo Skeletal & Miscellaneous

30 Min Consultation £75.00
Misc Treatment /Follow Ups £59.50
Ankle /Brachial Ischaemic Index Testing with the MESI system. £45.00 (£22.50*)
Ottoform Custom Moulds £12.50 each
Recover 3/4 length orthoses in house £45.00 per pair
Recover Full length orthoses in house £70.00 per pair
Refurbish 3/4 length orthoses Lab £95.00 per pair
Refurbish 3/4 length orthoses Lab £125.00 per pair
*As part of other chargeable Consultation/Treatment

Postage & Packaging

Postage and Packing/ Send International Recorded Delivery £22.50
Postage and Packing/ Send Special Delivery £8.00

Admin & Reports

Podiatry Opinion and/ or Action e.g.: read history/ write rx for re-order £65.00
Other requests for reports considered on an individual basis

All fees & policies (particularly lab fees) are subject to change without notice. All services are subject to availibility. Appointments will be charged as per the above fee scale if not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. Northernhay Clinic Limited unreservedly retains the right to refuse or agree to provide treatments/ services and/ or continue treatments/ services at any time and for any reason and shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage and/ or consequential losses as a result of us exercising these rights. Your statutory rights are unaffected. All our Podiatrists are HCPC registered and follow HCPC guidelines when providing you information, service and treatment.

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